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Pét phun dầu (Nozzles)

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Pét phun dầu

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Oil Nozzles

Standard oil nozzles with conical housing for oil burners for light and heavy oil.
> OD
Oil nozzles with round-head nozzle housing for oil burners for light and heavy oil.
Danfoss has extended its well-known range of oil nozzles with a programme of simplex nozzles in stainless steel. The steel nozzles from Danfoss are c...
Oil nozzles with conical nozzle housing and integrated opening and closing function. Are used with oil pumps type BFP with LE-function.
> LE
Special nozzles for oil burners used on kerosene.
Kerosene nozzles adapted for the Japanese market.
> KH
Accessories for Oil Nozzles.
> Accessories

Hago Oil Nozzles

> Product Range
This series distributes the atomized oil particles evenly toward the outside of the the spray cone. These nozzles are particularly well suited for low...
> H - Hollow Cone - Red Caps
Most suitable for general applications where exact air pattern or spray pattern requirements can't be established. Droplet distribution is relatively...
> S-S - Semi Solid Cone - Blue Caps
Designed to give optimum combustion efficiency on high static pressure flame retention burners which specifically a "B" pattern. As compared to our "E...
> B - Solid Cone - Black Caps
Our original solid cone series for low flow rates. Available for applications specifying a solid "ES" pattern.
> ES - Solid Cone - Green Caps
The "P" type is an extension of our "B" and "ES" series for firing rates of 2.00 GPH and above. It produces a solid cone pattern in the low rates and...
> P - Solid Cone - Green Caps

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